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M-218D Safety Beam sensor

M-229E Safety sensor curtain

M-219T All in one tread inductive switch

M-256S wireless receive controller

automatic bathroom switch for the mother and baby room M 209G

Auto door switch for disabled USA FCC Part 15 Indoors International level M 209

Infrared Motion Presence Safety Sensor For Automatic Door M 254

M-227B Newest Infrared Top Scan For Automatic Sliding Door

M-220 new Infrared presence detector

M-218H Factory Price Sensor Beam Three Beams

About Us

Shenzhen Winfor Canbo Technology Co.,Ltd is professional factory engaged in research and manufacture of automatic door access and attendance series products. We have many years professional automatic door controlling system development and excellent product application experience. Canbo series inductive door controlling products are widely used in automatic inductive door control system, business, office, building access control and attendance checking systems, bank management system and medical purification control system.

With strong applicability, high stability and exquisite appearance our products are regularly provided to many large scale of automatic door machine manufacturers, engineer contractors and export merchants. Been a globalized professional manufacturer of automatic door control matching products, we products also sold to Europe, the United States and Asia market as well.

Insisting on the innovative, pragmatic and high efficient enterprise spirits we focus on domestic and overseas automatic door and intelligent door access control engineering markets. The products have obtained CE certification and passed quality testing by the European Union inspection center as well as quality report certification issued by the ministry of public security and police electronic product quality testing center.