Description of this M-236E Lithium battery access control reserve power

Lithium battery access standby power supply for automatic sliding door kit is specifically designed for automatic door back-up power. The power can help automatic door work normally once power off (open-close about 200 times, 10 hours continuously), or keep door open Automatically based on fire evacuation requirements.Lithium battery standby power supply battery charge-discharge management by micro-computer. Have set of quick charge, trickle charge and cut off the power automatically in low tension. The life time of power supply for door kit is long.

1.For emergency power backup automatic door design, the automatic door can work normally after a power outage (normal open and close about 550 times and the normal use is about 7 hours) or in accordance with the requirements of fire evacuation, the automatic door is opened automatically after the power outage.
2.Input voltage: AC220V, 50Hz Output voltage: DC24V, 2.6AH DC12V, 5.2AH;
3.Working mode: power failure, normal work and power failure, open instructions and protection
LED shows the charging process, low voltage automatic cut off
4.Charging time: endurance work:
5.Control Dimension: 243 (lL) * 59 (L) * 45 (L) mm. Battery size: 96 (L) * 43 (W) * 55 (H) mm (optional product) 6.Fast charge (red light flash), Slow charge (red light slow flash) and low voltage automatic cutting discharge technology which greatly improve the service life of the battery, when the battery power supply power, blue lights flashing.
7.Suitable for automatic doors to install access control situation, effectively solve the previous automatic door installed a backup power, access to a separate set of backup power supply cumbersome control program
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