Description of this M-222 Bad Debt Controller
It can be used for collecting project funds, specially set a large capacity normal open and normal close of contact output, can be flexible and convenient to control the effective use of all kinds of engineering door control equipment, can be remote control to terminate, can also be remote restart of all engineering equipment,
to help the use of project funds collection. 
Controller size:123(L)*50(W)*32(H)mm
Power Supply Voltage :AC/DC 12-36V      
Control Contacts: Normally open, normally close,common point
Once the financial settlement of the project is completed, it can be removed and reused for many times. Microcomputer design, internal storage unit, with power-off memory function. Single key remote control is adopted to unconsciously complete the termination or restart action of the gate control in the expiration time.
Pictures of this M-222 Bad Debt Controller
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