Description of this M-204 Safety Micro waveSensor
Induction high speed, accurate response, fully adapted to people, door access requirements.
Power: AC / DC 12-36V
Ambient temperature: -20 ° C + 60 ° C
Waveform: X-Band 10.5 25GHZ
Output: ≤20dbm
Relay output: normally open contact output
Maximum switching voltage: 48V AC / DC
Maximum switching current: 0.5A AC / 1.0A
Maximum switching power: 55VA / 24W
Product size: 131 (length) * 61 (width) * 46 (height) mm
Within 5 seconds of starting the power supply, the sensor will be environmentally adaptive, effectively improving the environmental reliability of the sensor. According to the moving speed of the human body or object, the corresponding output contact can be adjusted within the range of 3cm / s~20cm / s, and the corresponding output contact holding time is 0.5s-4s. The sensing adjustment range is wide and accurate, and can be 0.5m. Free adjustment within -8m range.
Pictures of this M-204 Safety Micro waveSensor
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