Description of this M-204 X  White Celling Microwave Sensor 
1.Can be used for all kinds of automatic doors for the induction supporting, the induction sensitivity is high, the response is fast and accurate, microwave penetration immunity is excellent, fully applied to the commercial industry and automatic control and other fields with high requirements.
2.Implementation technology: Microwave and microwave processor
Transmission frequency: 24.125GHZ Maximum installation height: 4.5 meters
Installation inclination: 0 to 90 ((longitudinal); -30 to 30 (horizontal)
Maximum contact voltage: 42VAC-60VDC Maximum contact current: 1A (Current)
Holding time: 0.5 seconds Cover color: Black + White
Minimum detection speed: 5cm/s (Along the longitudinal axis of sensor)
Supply Voltage: 12V∽30VAC+/-10%(50HZ∽60HZ)
3.The X-Y axis of flexible antenna adjustment mode ensures accurate regional induction adjustment. The sensitivity and stability of induction detection are greatly improved by using intelligent optimized detection control circuit. The microwave sensing module of 24.125ghz imported from France is not affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, and its working performance is extremely reliable.
Pictures of this M-204 X  White Celling Microwave Sensor 
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