Description of this M-204T Microwave sensor
1.Featured with high sensitivity , quick response and detection accuracy to meet different kinds of autodoor requirements;
2.When the power be offered,microwave sensor start to detect the environment around
3.Technology: Mcrowave
Sensor: 24.125GHZ
Maximum mounting height: 4m
Installation degree: 0 to 90 degree (Portrait); -30 to +30 degree (Horizontal) Maximum switching voltage: 42VAC-60VDC Maximum switching Current: 1A
Cable length: 2.5M
Keep time: 0.5s Outer color: Silver gray
Power: 12V ∽ 30VAC +/- 10% (50HZ ∽ 60HZ)
Size: 116 (L) * 72 (W) * 50 (H) mm
Pictures of this M-204T Microwave sensor
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