Description of this M-261 Infrared Safety Grating Set
1. Industrial-grade infrared saftety grating set is sensitive, multi-point scanning, high density of safety detection, strong adaptability and versatility; it is good resistance to sunlight, strong stability and easy installation. Widely used for all kinds of pedestrain passageways, access control entrances and exits, cargo passsageways and other places of safety clamping and existence detection.
2. Product specification:
Length: 500mm (single) 1000mm (double) 1500mm (three) 2000mm (four)
Single grating infrared density: 8-way scanning, grating density space of 50mm.
Maximum contra-infrared distance: 6000mm
3. Automatic bad spot detection: the system indicator light will have fault diagnosis if the grating bad spot occurs.
4. Bad spot automatic shielding: 30seconds, 1minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, bad spot automatic shielding can be selected.
5. Instalation: fixed in the side. 
Pictures of this M-261 Infrared Safety Grating Set
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