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microwave door sensor
enhance your pattern digestion effectivity with G Wave Plus

G Wave can put together inorganic samples for ICP, ICP-MS and AAS, and it presents safe and quickly system of pattern digestion. EPA formula and different various strategies are pre-loaded in G Wave, so that a lab researcher can simply chose some of the strategies, and a lab researcher also edit present formulation or create new formulation as neatly.

leading platform design for more desirable sturdiness and security

316L chrome steel cavity is resistant to acid-corrosion, and diverse layer of Teflon-coated inside of the instrument make certain sturdiness of G Wave for an extended period of time. The basic platform of G Wave is safely designed in line with a lot of experiments on a three-dimensional explosion mechanism. all through the gadget operation, if the door is all of sudden open, G Wave immediately stops to give protection to a lab researcher safely from microwaves. Cooling systems with excessive-effectivity turbine fans at once cool the instrument to make it more efficient.

as much as forty excessive drive resistant sample vessels

G Wave plus mannequin is in reality equipped with forty excessive drive resistant sample vessels and it could possibly be replaced with 12 vessels which has bigger quantity. computerized power free up out of vessel and re-sealing technology can maintain appropriate degree of internal pressure in pattern vessels so that might eliminate risk of explosion led to by means of excessive drive. And G Wave is the ideal answer for high throughput and excessive drive digestion.

actual temperature handle with fiber optic sensor and IR sensor

dual beam IR Sensor on right of multi-core fiber optic senor exactly become aware of temperature of the inner vessels guaranteeing even heating for all pattern vessels. because the fiber optic sensor of 2mm diameter is Teflon-covered, it's anti-corrosive, and the curvature design of the sensor prevents hurt caused by sudden folding.

high-precision semiconductor power sensor

The advanced high-precision semiconductor pressure sensor accurately detects power with precision ± and a Teflon tubing which can provide vessel power to the force sensor is anti-corrosive.

convenient user interface with 7” huge contact display

The utility is preloaded with sample digestion strategies like EPA, FDA21 CFR half eleven and others, and further methods may also be brought and edited. G Wave seasoned has 8G space for storing, and information, formulation and other counsel can be saved and shared with different clients via cloud provider. during sample digestion temperature and force curve are displayed on 7” extensive touch monitor in true-time.

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