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Our company produces a variety of automatic door accessories, including glass door lock switches, smart door locks,inductive proximity sensor, etc., produce products with high sensitivity and fast and accurate response. This microwave door sensor is ideal for commercial, industrial and automation applications. The microwave sensor usually determines the switch of the door by means of microwave or infrared detection. In the sensor family, the inductive sensor has the widest range of applications, such as elevator doors, automatic doors, etc., all of which use the automatic door sensor. In the field of anti-theft, door motion sensors are more widely used, and are often used in conjunction with alarms and closed-circuit monitoring to form an anti-theft alarm system.
1.With high sensitivity , quick response and detection accuracy to meet different kinds of autodoor requirements, Permeability is very good, it can be used in commercial, industrial and automatic control fields.
2.Technology: Mcrowave Sensor: 24.125GHZ
Maximum mounting height: 4m Installation degree: 0 to 90 degree (Portrait); -30 to +30 degree (Horizontal) Maximum switching voltage: 42VAC-60VDC Maximum switching Current: 1A
Cable length: 2.5M Keep time: 0.5s
Minimum detection speed: 5cm/s (Longitudinal axis along sensor) Out color: silve gray, black
Power: 12V ∽ 30VAC +/- 10% (50HZ ∽ 60HZ) Size: 121 (L) * 80 (W) * 51 (H) mm
3.X-Y axis flexible adjustment mode of antenna to Ensure accurate
Imported detection and control circuit improves the sensitivity and stability of the induction detection. Imported 24.125GHZ microwave sensing module from France, not affected by temperature, humidity and other environmental factors, the performance is very reliable.
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