Description of this M-230 Automatic door Presence Detector
1.Used for detecting the moving or existing objects to anti-pinch by automatic door or other electrically operated gate.
This sensor not only can be used for automatic door,electrically operated gate,revolving door as activation sensor or safety anti-pinch detector, but also be used as ATM existing detector.
2.Power output:AC/DC 12 30V(-/+10%)
Type of ray:Infrared light modulation Rays:8 channel transmit, 8 channel receive
Operation temperature:-40 to 60 degree Maximum Installation height:2.5m
Maximum detection area :2000 (W)*1500(D)mm
3.Hole size:105(D)*53(D)
4.Adopt wireless emit&receive technology, easy for installation. Induction area and Angle can be adjusted.One-piece cover design, beautiful, dustproof, easy fixed and installation.Always self-correcting once be influenced by quake, distortion, move, dark and sunshine.
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