Description of this M-200 Card reader for ATM access
1.The product is designed for the self-service of ATM bank access management.It can link with electric lock and auto-door, time difference adjustment to ensure the autodoor run smoothly.
2..ATM self-service bank access management;with metal shell and solid appearance;
Large capacity electricity output module can be directly connected with the power of the lock;
Can be connected with the electric lock and automatic door machine, and has internal time cooperate, ensure the smooth automatic pull lock door. Anti demolition screws, anti-theft remote alarm 6.; Wiegand signal output.
3.Power supply:DC12V
Eletric lock output current:3A(12V)
Static current:22mA
Action current:40mA
Magnetic card standard:ISO 7811-7815 Card feeding speed:10-120cm/s
Life of magnetic head:≥600,000times
4.Appearance size: 138 (L) *56 (W) *32 (H) mm
Pictures of this M-200 Card reader for ATM access
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