Description of this M-206D Single access controller
1.Specific designed for office, housing, security system and building's access . It not only can work by reading card or password ,but also can control electric lock and auto-door.
Card reading distance:>10CM
2.You can set the management card, a card can be realized at the same time management login, delete, delete all.
It can close the anti demolition alarm, and also can enhance the anti demolition alarm and provide the alarm output terminal. Provide time delay dry contact signal.
Can be set to automatic unattended, self-help plus function. The WG26 card reader can be connected externally and can also be used as a card reader.
3.Voltage: DC12V
Static current: 100mA
Operation current: 800mA Read card distance: 15CM
Card type: EM or EM compatible
Card Dimension: 108mm (L) * 78mm (W) * 20mm (H)
Pictures of this M-206D Single access controller
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