Description of this M-208M Fingerprint attendance control machine
1.Special rules of attendance for factories and offices; support passwords, swipe cards, fingerprints, or any combination of the three
2.Dimension: 190*80*33mm
Working mode: offline, online - Identification: fingerprint and ID card (IC extension), the combination of fingerprint, password induction card + password + fingerprint
3.The fingerprint recognition time: <1.5S False Rejection Rate: < 0.01%
False acceptance rate: 0.0001% Total capacity fingerprint + password + card (gold): 3000
4.The attendance record volume (article): 130 thousand: 2.4 - inch color screen display language:Chinese/English/simplified traditional Chinese Communication mode: RS485, USB, U disk, TCP/IP Power Supply: 12V DC Standby current: 100mA working current: 400 mA
5.Ambient humidity 20%~60%, Ambient temperature: 0 degrees ~45 degrees
centigrade inductive fingerprint collector:when the finger is close, it will start the collector.
button backlight controlled:Turn off the button backlight when standby.
6.Standby automatically adjust the TFT backlight, save power and extend the life of TFT.
Pictures of this M-208M Fingerprint attendance control machine


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