Description of this M-210E BACKUP Power for access(5A)
1.For building intercom, various entrance and entrance guard controller, providing DC12V current and charge the same time, and providing DC current through battery when power failure.
2.Current input: AC180-250V 50HZ DC Output: DC12V (3A/5A) Weight: 3.2kg, backup time limit: 7AH
3.Dimension: 205 (L) *163 (W) *70 (H) mm
4.Through the signal line access controller (PUSH) or 12V output directly to control the electric lock, can
reduce the door ban control load, reduce security risks. Can be connected with various normally closed or open the lock, a delay circuit to set the lock time, set the door open button input, can directly open the lock.
Pictures of this M-210E BACKUP Power for access(5A)
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