Description of this M-211 Lithium battery access control reserve power
1.The power supply is suitable for building intercom, various entrance and entrance guard controller, providing DC12V current when charged, and providing DC current through battery when power failure.
2.Current input: AC220V ± 5% Voltage output: DC12V Delay adjustment: 5S or 10S Output maximum peak current: 5A Unlock opening time difference: 0.5S
battery capacity: 5200mAH Dimension: 253 (L), *59 (W), *45 (H)mm
3.Adopting high performance and high efficiency transformer, it has high output efficiency, little heating and low noise. Small size, exquisite, suitable for installation on all occasions. With passive door signal input, it is convenient to open door control in various ways.
4.Intelligent charge and discharge management, charging and lighting indication, when the battery voltage is too low or full, enter slow charge red light slow flash, enter fast charge, red light flash, discharge blue light flashing. Time delay adjustment of door opening with 5S or 10S
Pictures of this M-211 Lithium battery access control reserve power
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