Description of this M-206H Wireless read card, password disk
1. Wireless card reader keypad password disk electronic door lock system for house M 206H Wireless transmission is used in conjunction with the wireless receiver to realize the access control function of reading card and password access. The wireless acess control system has two types of wireless Control and maintenance type wireless control, which are convenient for various gating functions. No wiring, directly pasted (or screw fixed) in various walls, such as glass,marble, very convenient installation, easy reading card, password entry access management. Keypad can be used to control the automatic door, spring lock doors and various electric gate.
2. Microcomputer system, password keep safe and reliable. Transmitting distance is far and stable, and the code switch is adopted for the code, so that the user can automatically pair and setting. Especially the sleep wake power saving mode, usually almost no power Consumption, long battery life (close to a year). password setting and change operation is very convenient, ad hoc system initialization function, in order to forget
The password for system updates, restore factory settings.
3.Wireless read card password disk power supply: 7, 2 (1.5V)
Dry battery standby current: 28 μA
Action current: 38mA Storage capacity: 1000 standard user (ID card) output time: 1S-10S adjustable
User card type: 125KHZ or EM EM compatible card
Open password: 1 Public passwords
The wireless receiver power supply: AC/DC12 ~ 36V
Card reading distance: 10 ~ 70 (mm) Battery life: 6 months (less than 100 times every day)
Radio frequency: 315MHZ
Appearance size: 113 (L) * 63 (W) * 20 (H) (mm) (wireless cryptography)
123 (L) * 50 (W) x 32 (H) (mm) (receiver)
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