Description of this M-232 Five-range key switch

The Hot selling automatic door Five range Key Selector Switch M 232 is total with five functions. The five-button user-friendly design of the automatic door makes it easy to switch between five working states of the automatic door. Five range Key Selector Switch with Exquisite Appearance design to achieve Success Overall Quality of automatic door unit.The Five range Key Selector Switch is dedicated to the automatic door and sends automatic, one-way, half-open, lock-door and normally open five-function commands to the automatic door master controller. The lock lock sleeve of the automatic door Selector Switch is made with a new technology, with a stable force and a long spring force. Function switching is easy to operate.

1.With five functions. Autodoor can reach the functions of automatic/exit only/Partial Open/Locked and Open,accordingly to the turned position of key.
2.Easy Installation with 86 module panel and specialized bottom cover.
3.Function Switch:5 Range
Key operation time:Over 75000 times
Dimension:92*92*24mm(Panel) 86*86*41mm(Bottom)
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