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LED switch

The Nintendo swap has been on the marketplace for more than two and half years now, however considered one of its attainable features hasn't had any use (officially, at the least) in all that time. Now, although, the time has finally come for that little feature to shine.

for your correct-hand pleasure-Con and your seasoned Controller, you'll observe that the home button has a hoop around the side. As you may additionally or may now not already be conscious, that ring is in fact an LED easy; we now have considered it easy up before but simplest when a professional Controller connects to Steam.

ranging from nowadays, thanks to a swap system replace which takes the console's firmware to version the light will finally be used for "alarm notifications". which you could see how that works under:

Alarm Notifications have been added to system Settings > Notifications.- you can verify or delete pre-set alarms.- Alarms may also be set up simplest inside supported software (to be introduced at a later time).- A controller firmware update can be required to use this characteristic.

paradoxically, we have been attempting all kinds of tricks to get our controllers to light up in the workplace - on-line online game invitations, chum requests, and the rest that might possibly be considered a "notification" - however haven't managed to get it to work. Of path, the text above refers back to the alarm function being delivered sooner or later, but we'd hoped other notifications may work, too - as hinted at with the aid of this change Lite function photo. switch Lite exclusive?


Having any success? observed your controllers flashing at you for the primary time nowadays? inform us under.

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