Description of this M-246 Five files LCD touch switch
1.Specially used for automatic doors, and has five automatic functions of automatic, one-way, half open, lock and normally open to the main controller of an automatic door.
2.Power supply: DC12-24V touch screen: 15*45mm
2.8 inch function switch: 5 files Standby current: (12V power supply), 53mA Dimension: 86*86mm panel""
3.2.8 inch TFT color LCD screen, touch operation, function switching operation is simple and intuitive. 4.Can switch, password operation and no password operation.
International general type 86 switch panel design, easy to install in various occasions.
The product appearance is exquisite and beautiful, it is advantageous to enhance the whole quality of the automatic door.
Pictures of this M-246 Five files LCD touch switch


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