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LED switch

The Nintendo change has been on the marketplace for greater than two and half years now, however one among its obtainable capabilities hasn't had any use (officially, at least) in all that time. Now, although, the time has eventually come for that little feature to shine.

to your right-hand pleasure-Con and your professional Controller, you'll observe that the domestic button has a ring around the edge. As you may or may also no longer already be mindful, that ring is really an LED gentle; we've seen it mild up before but best when a professional Controller connects to Steam.

starting from today, due to a change device update which takes the console's firmware to edition the light will at last be used for "alarm notifications". that you would be able to see how that works beneath:

Alarm Notifications had been brought to system Settings > Notifications.- which you could determine or delete pre-set alarms.- Alarms can also be set up only within supported application (to be delivered at a later time).- A controller firmware replace may well be required to use this function.

sarcastically, we have now been attempting all styles of tricks to get our controllers to light up in the office - online online game invites, pal requests, and the rest that may be regarded a "notification" - but haven't managed to get it to work. Of path, the textual content above refers back to the alarm characteristic being brought in the future, however we would hoped different notifications might work, too - as hinted at through this switch Lite feature photograph. change Lite unique?


Having any luck? seen your controllers flashing at you for the first time nowadays? inform us beneath.

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