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bypass Stone lives in Colorado, the first state to legalize and start income of grownup-use cannabis.

akin to many prison cannabis clients, pass has a full, energetic existence that includes a family with small children and a pet. he is an engineer through exchange and likes to difficulty solve. here is what led him to a cannabis answer.

Stone noticed a simple ordinary issue when the use of hashish. He would bring some home from a prison dispensary after which transfer the product into a glass jar or an identical container. however he involved about what would occur if his kids or a curious pet came about upon the product.

So, as a responsible grownup consumer, Stone set out to resolve this difficulty. His aim changed into to create a portable and discreet “stash container” that locked simply, eliminated smells, and arranged dissimilar products. The influence became StashLogix.

like any entrepreneur with a strong concept and a different product, Stone needed funding to scale operations. He took his prototypes to a cannabis funding adventure in Boulder referred to as CanopyBoulder. investors embraced the capabilities of a cannabis storage box business and gave Stone his preliminary funding.

Stone created dissimilar-sized storage bins with rubber gaskets to get rid of scent; pleasing outer packaging so the situations resemble excessive-end purses or shave kits; and an ingenious locking mechanism that makes use of the open ends of the zipper to lock the packing containers with a simple 3-digit code.

along with storage bags and cases, StashLogix sells accessories to additional offer protection to and retain a hashish collection, together with pipe cleaners, smell-absorbing packs and stash jars in numerous substances (bamboo, glass, aluminum and hemp-based mostly plastic).

There had been challenges along the style for this birth-up. In 2017, Customs and Border insurance policy confiscated 1,000 StashLogix products in California, asserting that they had been designed to hang and conceal drugs.

Of direction, any lockable storage field can be used to secure a lot of prison pharmacy products. Stone appealed the ruling and gained, getting his seized product back after almost 2 years in February 2019.

nowadays, StashLogix is recognized as a reputable, official storage product that helps in charge cannabis clients keep their items away from toddlers and pets. His items are available at dozens of marketers, many in Canada, as well as on-line at

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