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glass lock

Which, of right here, would you rather have occur:

i'd actually take number one.

For years, I spent daily haunted by means of the specter of the exploded lunch. each crappy plastic container changed into a day-ruining catastrophe ready to ensue. I begun to rubber band the cut price meals containers I acquired from IKEA shut as a result of I failed to believe them now not to get lunch juice far and wide everything.

And that is never to mention the proven fact that the plastic absorbs the scent of whatever thing turned into left in there. If food ever spoiled in a single of these containers, you gold standard bet that everything that you just'd save in there afterwards would have a bit little bit of rubbish essence lingering in its molecules.

closing year, as part of my quest not to subsist on the cheapest, shittiest viable things the least amount of money can purchase, I decided to upgrade my storage containers. After a little analysis, I found an 18-piece set of storage containers—meaning 9 lids and nine containers—from GlassLock, and i've certainly not essential one other set for the reason that.

GlassLock is a sort of heat and shatter-resistant tempered glass, both BPA-free and recyclable. The containers are microwave-proof and ovenproof and come in three shapes:

each and every container comes with a thick plastic lid with a rubber sealant. When closed and snapped shut, the containers are airtight and watertight.

and i suggest absolutely hermetic and watertight. I've owned these guys for a very long time now, and that i use them constantly. I have not as soon as had a single situation with leakage, the snap locks popping open, discoloring (they stay crystal clear), lingering smells or some other type of nonsense you are expecting from shitty plastic containers. not one of the crucial lids has ever warped. just minutes ago, I dropped a locked container crammed with jus from six ft within the air onto my kitchen flooring as an impromptu look at various. It landed with a tough thud on the ground and informed me to move fuck myself.

I have had handiest two concerns come up whereas owning my set of GlassLock containers:

i'd fortunately pay $33 for my containers once again. now not a single one is near needing to get replaced. in case you need to under no circumstances ought to fret about your tuna salad turning your purse right into a stench pit for all of eternity ever once more, now is the time.

Am I a huge dipshit for considering the lids have been ovenproof? hold forth within the comments!

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