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glass lock

Which, of here, would you somewhat have occur:

i'd certainly take no 1.

For years, I spent daily haunted via the specter of the exploded lunch. every crappy plastic container was a day-ruining catastrophe waiting to occur. I all started to rubber band the cut price food containers I acquired from IKEA shut as a result of I did not trust them now not to get lunch juice all over the place every little thing.

And that is rarely to point out the undeniable fact that the plastic absorbs the smell of anything was left in there. If food ever spoiled in one of these containers, you top-quality guess that every thing that you'd keep in there afterwards would have a bit little bit of rubbish essence lingering in its molecules.

final 12 months, as a part of my quest not to subsist on the least expensive, shittiest feasible things the least amount of cash can purchase, I decided to upgrade my storage containers. After a little analysis, I found an 18-piece set of storage containers—which means nine lids and 9 containers—from GlassLock, and i've by no means crucial one more set since.

GlassLock is a form of warmth and shatter-resistant tempered glass, each BPA-free and recyclable. The containers are microwave-proof and ovenproof and are available in three shapes:

each container comes with a thick plastic lid with a rubber sealant. When closed and snapped shut, the containers are hermetic and watertight.

and i mean fully hermetic and watertight. I've owned these guys for a very long time now, and that i use them consistently. I haven't once had a single challenge with leakage, the snap locks popping open, discoloring (they remain crystal clear), lingering smells or every other class of nonsense you predict from shitty plastic containers. not one of the vital lids has ever warped. just minutes ago, I dropped a locked container crammed with jus from six ft in the air onto my kitchen floor as an impromptu verify. It landed with a hard thud on the flooring and advised me to go fuck myself.

I actually have had simplest two issues come up whereas owning my set of GlassLock containers:

i'd fortunately pay $33 for my containers again. not a single one is near desiring to get replaced. in case you need to never must agonize about your tuna salad turning your purse into a stench pit for all of eternity ever again, now is the time.

Am I an important dipshit for pondering the lids have been ovenproof? sound off in the feedback!

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