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Glass door lock accessory

pass Stone lives in Colorado, the primary state to legalize and start earnings of adult-use cannabis.

similar to many felony hashish users, skip has a full, lively life that includes a household with small little ones and a pet. he is an engineer with the aid of alternate and likes to issue clear up. this is what led him to a hashish answer.

Stone spotted an easy ordinary difficulty when using cannabis. He would bring some home from a criminal dispensary and then switch the product into a pitcher jar or an identical container. but he involved about what would take place if his kids or a curious pet came about upon the product.

So, as a accountable adult person, Stone got down to remedy this problem. His aim became to create a transportable and discreet “stash container” that locked with no trouble, eradicated smells, and arranged distinctive products. The influence was StashLogix.

like several entrepreneur with a strong thought and a distinct product, Stone essential funding to scale operations. He took his prototypes to a hashish funding adventure in Boulder known as CanopyBoulder. buyers embraced the expertise of a hashish storage container enterprise and gave Stone his initial funding.

Stone created multiple-sized storage containers with rubber gaskets to eliminate scent; pleasing outer packaging so the situations resemble high-end handbags or shave kits; and an ingenious locking mechanism that makes use of the open ends of the zipper to lock the packing containers with a simple three-digit code.

along with storage bags and situations, StashLogix sells add-ons to additional offer protection to and keep a hashish assortment, together with pipe cleaners, odor-absorbing packs and stash jars in loads of materials (bamboo, glass, aluminum and hemp-based mostly plastic).

There have been challenges along the style for this birth-up. In 2017, Customs and Border insurance plan confiscated 1,000 StashLogix items in California, asserting that they have been designed to cling and conceal drugs.

Of direction, any lockable storage container may well be used to secure a variety of legal pharmacy products. Stone appealed the ruling and received, getting his seized product lower back after well-nigh 2 years in February 2019.

these days, StashLogix is identified as a reputable, authentic storage product that helps in charge cannabis clients keep their products away from children and pets. His products can be found at dozens of agents, many in Canada, in addition to on-line at

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