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Glass door lock accessory

pass Stone lives in Colorado, the first state to legalize and start earnings of adult-use hashish.

comparable to many legal hashish clients, pass has a full, active life that comprises a household with small babies and a pet. he is an engineer by using trade and likes to difficulty remedy. this is what led him to a hashish solution.

Stone spotted an easy regular difficulty when using cannabis. He would bring some home from a prison dispensary after which switch the product into a tumbler jar or similar container. however he worried about what would turn up if his youngsters or a curious pet came about upon the product.

So, as a dependable grownup user, Stone got down to solve this difficulty. His purpose became to create a portable and discreet “stash field” that locked with no trouble, eliminated smells, and arranged distinctive items. The effect become StashLogix.

like any entrepreneur with a strong conception and a unique product, Stone mandatory funding to scale operations. He took his prototypes to a cannabis funding event in Boulder referred to as CanopyBoulder. buyers embraced the expertise of a cannabis storage box company and gave Stone his initial funding.

Stone created assorted-sized storage boxes with rubber gaskets to get rid of odor; captivating outer packaging so the instances resemble excessive-end purses or shave kits; and an ingenious locking mechanism that uses the open ends of the zipper to lock the containers with a simple three-digit code.

together with storage bags and instances, StashLogix sells add-ons to extra protect and retain a cannabis collection, together with pipe cleaners, smell-absorbing packs and stash jars in a lot of substances (bamboo, glass, aluminum and hemp-based plastic).

There were challenges along the way for this birth-up. In 2017, Customs and Border coverage confiscated 1,000 StashLogix products in California, saying that they were designed to cling and conceal medication.

Of direction, any lockable storage container could be used to relaxed a number of prison pharmacy products. Stone appealed the ruling and gained, getting his seized product again after pretty much 2 years in February 2019.

nowadays, StashLogix is identified as a reputable, legit storage product that helps accountable cannabis clients hold their items far from children and pets. His items are available at dozens of agents, many in Canada, in addition to online at

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