Description of this W5D Smart lock
Smart digital glass door lock is a safe, reliable, high efficiency and energy saving, advanced technology, convenient operation and easy management.The multifunctional intelligent door locks.This Smart glass door lockadopts fingerprints, smart card, password as the door key, can be apply widely and can be used for the modern office.
Product Name Description Color Model Characteristics of the use  Option functions
W5D Smart digital glass door lock for automatic doors


LCD screen displayed                        

fingerprint+password+card reading

Semiconductor fingerprint module

Chinese and English speech function+Touch screen password+Protection          

Combination lock+Automatically released and locked.


Available for single leaf, Double Leaf and manual sliding door                               

frameless glass door installation with door hook

Mirro Black;
Mirro Silver 
W5D Without battery, with hock door latch, with LCD screen display (with the lock as well), suitable for framelss glass door  Remote control, Phone APP, Attendance system
Pictures of this W5D Smart lock


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