Description of this W5 Smart lock
Glass smart door lock is often seen in the office building and office doors. The glass door switch is usually made of high-strength structural steel or zinc alloy die-casting or stainless steel. It overcomes the rust, aging and rigidity of iron and zinc alloy. Insufficient shortcomings, the surface treatment of the Glass door lock accessory is mostly brushed or mirrored, beautiful and stylish.
Product Name Description Color Model Characteristics of the use  Option functions
W5 smart digital door lock for automatic doors 


fingerprint+password+card reading Semiconductor fingerprint module Chinese and English speech

function+Touch screen password+Protection

Combination lock+Automatically released and locked.


Available for single leaf, Double Leaf and manual sliding door frameless glass door installation with door hook

Mirro Black;
Mirro Silver 
W5 Without battery, with hock door latch, suitable for frameless glass door Remote Control 
Pictures of this W5 Smart lock








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