Description of this W8 Smart lock for automatic sliding door
Do you want to have a beautiful glass door to do free publicity for your goods, and worry that the products presented by the glass door are being smuggled by thieves, still feel a dilemma for this situation? Now, the professional lock company tells you that your glass door lock should be upgraded. Which brand of glass door lock is better? What is the price? then, let's watch it together. The W8 automatic sliding door smart lock produced by our company is different from the traditional two-hole locking lock. Compared with the traditional lock, this type of glass lock for doors has many safety enhancements. The production of smart glass locks for automatic sliding doors in shopping malls is widely recognized in the industry, consumers and society. Glass lock for automatic doors has strong anti-theft performance and is the brand of locks recommended by users. For many years, we have always used high quality and high standard locks for consumers to lock.
Product Name Description Color Model Characteristics of the use  Option functions
Smart lock for automatic sliding door 


LCD Screen displayed

fingerprint+password+card reading

Semiconductor fingerprint module

Chinese and English speech function+Touch screen password+Protection

Combination lock+Automatically released and locked.


Available for frameless glass sliding door installation with door hook  

Mirro Black;
Mirro Silver 
W8 Without battery, with hock door latch, with LCD screen display (with the lock as well), with the receiver, suitable for frameless glass sliding door Remote control, Phone APP, Attendance system
Pictures of this W8 Smart lock for automatic sliding door




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