Description of this M-235 Microwave combined sensor
1.Used for automatic sliding door, folding door and Curve door.Radar technology is for door activation.Infrared technology is for door safety entrance;
2.Have function of background self-learn. Can learn background when when power on. Suit all kinds of occasions.Always self-correcting once be influenced by quake, distortion, move, dark and sunshine. Ensure the sensor can work durable;
3.Power Input: AC/DC 12 to 30V (-/+10%) Dimension: 260(L)*57(W)*45(H)mm Signal Output: Relay Max Installation Height: 2500mm Static Current: 65mA
Emission frequency: 24.125 GHz Protect Level: Ip54 Size: 262 (L) * 55 (W) * 44 (H) mm
4.3 colors indicator light: red (Presence detection), green (Motion detection), yellow (Signal saturation and fault)
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