Pictures of this IP65 Waterproof wireless touch switch
Description of this IP65 Waterproof wireless touch switch
Widely used in any entrance, IP65 waterproof design can be used indoors and outdoors, Wireless design makes it easier for you to install.

This product is the self-learning code. Before using it, the transmitter code must be learned into the controller. The controller can learn up to 20 transmitters.

Learning method: Press the receiver' s learning button, the indicator light changes as blue, entering into learning status. Then, press the transmitter’s learning button, the blue

light of the receiver flashes two times, it means learning successful. The receiver will return back as stand-by status after 10 seconds.

Delete method: Press the learning button for 5 seconds, blue light shining 5 times, all codes

are deleted. ( There is no setting for delete only one code.)

Remark: Since the system has learned the current touch environment when the battery is installed when fixing it to the wall, it may appear to be in the sensing status. Don’t touch the panel at this time, after 16 seconds the system will re-learn the touch environment.

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