Description of this M-201S Hand sensor switch
1.Be used for the inductive control of the inlet and the outlet of all non-contact controls, very convenient, and the hand contact pollution is avoided
2.Power supply:AC/DC12-24V
Sensing distance:1-20C(Madjustable)
Action current(DC12V):43mA
Standby current:(DC12V):8mA
3.Infrared induction belt pressing or double function switch; high sensitivity infrared inlet pipe, sensitive and convenient in time; With hand (or reflective object) positive non-contact induction, clean and sanitary; type 86 switch panel design, convenient installation in all kinds of occasions.
The induction distance 1-20CM is adjustable, and can be set for different occasions. The relay dry contact output is convenient to connect with various gating devices
Pictures of this M-201S Hand sensor switch


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