Description of this M-205S Single channel remote controller
1.Fully independent, large capacity contact output, the output state can choose to maintain (L) or point type (M), for external access control requirements.
2.Power supply: DC AC/DC 12 ~ 36V contact attracting holding time: 2 seconds
Output capacity: main contact, 20A, 14VDC Hand remote control: 2
Transmit frequency: 315MHZ Dimension: 123 (L) * 50 (W) * 32 (H) (mm) (wireless receiver)
3, the use of self-learning code, to facilitate customers at any time to add remote control handle.
4.Wide voltage input design, 12 ~ 36V AC / DC
5. When the remote control switching, there is a sound indication, and the red light will turn green at the same time, you can confirm whether the switch is effective
Pictures of this M-205S Single channel remote controller
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