Description of this M-238 Autodoor control switch for rooms
1.Mainly used to limit the number of occasions. Such as: mother and baby room, private toilets, bathrooms and other limited number of occasions;
2. The automatic switch controller for the special purpose room is provided with a large panel key set, and is provided with Braille, Chinese and English display, and has speech and lamp hints, which is suitable for each Species use.
3.Inside and outside each panel,adapts the net line connection way, simple and convenient. This product has the maximum use time to time reminder function.
4.Input voltage: AC/DC 12-36V
Language: English, Chinese, Korean
Input: Relay contact panel
Size: 245 (L) * 84 (W) * 12 (H) mm
Controller size: 145 (L) * 57 (W) * 38 (H) mm
Pictures of this M-238 Autodoor control switch for rooms

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