Description of this M-256 Carpet inductive set
1.Widely used in the automatic control of the entrance and exit automatic doors. It is easy to operate and replaces with feet instead of hand contact
2.256W-1:450*900 (small) 256W-2:900*900 (medium) 256W-3:800*1200 (large)
256-1:450*900 (small) 256-2:900*900 (medium) 256-3:800*1200 (large)
3.The surface layer (three ribbed stripes waterproof carpet) + sandwich (import Silver conductive layer (bottom) + pure PVC antistatic pad + transmitter (smart power transmission control microcomputer) +receiver+ high frequency sealing waterproof+stainless steel pressure protection + anti high temperature (55 degrees) + anti low temperature (-25 degrees)
4.IP protection grade: IP65
Pictures of this M-256 Carpet inductive set
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